2016 China Househeld Medical Devices Industry Development Report

Release time: 2016-08-09

1. Household Medical Devices Industry Overview

Home medical equipment mainly suitable for the public use which outside the hospital can be safety and reliable, simple operation, small volume, convenient to carry for the purpose of detection, treatment, care instruments. More household medical equipment for commonly used including (electronic), blood pressure, blood glucose meter, tractor, hearing AIDS, oxygen generator, thermometer and various kinds of physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment, etc.

Home medical equipment in China are divided into four categories: home health care equipment, home health care massage products, household medical rehabilitation equipment and home care.

2Home Medical Devices Current Development

According to BCC Research's latest survey report, the home medical equipment market scale still expanding in the world, there are 16.8 billion in 2009 and growth to 24.8 billion in 2015, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) have achieve to 6.7%, is expected to reach $26.2 billion in 2016.

From the perspective of the regional distribution of market demand, the main demanding area of household medical devices are developed country and and developing countries,such developed country is United States, Europe, Japan, and then is China, South America, southeast Asia, South Asia, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand) and the Middle East. But the Africa, central Asia, Central America and Oceania region hardly have demand for it.

3. China’s Development on the Home Medical Devices

Under the great support of the industry policy,the fast speed of the population aging,strengthen of the national health consciousness, the  higher awareness of the family health consumption, rise of the technical level, independent research and development background, our country household medical equipment market demand is continuously grow up in a high-speed. Home medical equipment industry in China is one of the fastest growing sector in the field of medical apparatus and instruments, the residents' consumption upgrade is direct impetus, oxygen generator, electronic thermometer, blood pressure, blood glucose meter, portable medical equipment such as disease surveillance system into more and more families. In 2014, the home medical equipment in market scale are 35.78 billion yuan in our country, And in 2015, our country home medical equipment market scale have achieved to 43.12 billion yuan.


4. Home Medical Devices Competition Industry Analysis

OMRON Corporation
This company Located in the Beijing area under Kyoto path, has been founded for over 80 years. Through continuous creation of social demand, OMRON group has developed into a world-renowned automation control and equipment manufacturers, and master this time leading sensor and control and core technology, products related to industrial automation control systems, electronic components, automotive electronics, social system, extensive fields such as health care equipment, up to hundreds of thousands of varieties.

ROCHE Group,
This company was founded in 1896, is in the core of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics field and one of the world's leading health care group. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Roche has two core business: medicine and diagnosis of human health to provide the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of innovative products and services.As the biggest creature in the world. Technology companies and disease on the early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of innovators and innovative products and services, ROCHE monitor to people and the improvement of the quality of life has contributed a lot of ways. Roche is a global leader in the field of in virus diagnostics, the leading cancer and transplant drug suppliers and market leader in the field of virology, and active in autoimmune diseases, cancer. Metabolism lines over other major therapeutic areas such as central nervous system diseases.

Han Guo Xi Health Medical Equipment Company
As rouge warm box production products leading enterprises, in the world will take the lead in developed eastern medicine and western spinal corrective therapy combined with the advanced technology of human body engineering automatic warm therapeutic apparatus. With the excellent functions of their products and the unique free experience marketing model, company to health warm family therapy apparatus has shipped the Americas, Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and so on more than 60 countries and regions. And the excellent quality has won the world each big more than 100 awards issued by the appraisal institution and the news media, certification.

5. Home Medical Devices Development Prospects

American household Medical Equipment market's per capital consumption level is about 20 ~ 30 times to domestic, so there are great space for domestic home medical equipment to improve their marketing, which was expected continue to maintain more than 17% growth rate per year in the next few years. By 2021, China home medical equipment industry market scale will reach to 111.26 billion yuan.


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