NELLCOR Disposable SpO2 Sensor
COMPATIBLE MODEL: Nellcor®:N100 (req. preampcable),N180, N200 (req. preampcable), N-20, NPB-40, NPB-75,NPB-290/5, N-390, N-395, N-3000, N-6000
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Product Specifications

Product Name: NELLCOR Disposable SpO2 Sensor 
Length: 1 m


Adult Disposable SpO2 Sensor 
Children Disposable SpO2 Sensor 
Baby Disposable SpO2 Sensor 
Infant Disposable SpO2 Sensor 
Animal Disposable SpO2 Sensor 

SpO2 Sensor Probe often show in a adhesive way, which in the type of non-woven fabric, sponge of comfort, comfort foam tape, transparent breathable membrane, and oxygen probe tape are most popular.We provide various specifications, which suitable to various brands of disposable and split type probe and also provide all kinds of adhesive tape for your choice.

Product Description

Oxygen saturation probe are the most important sensor on the ECG monitor, and it is one of the components more likely to malfunction.
As the result of the expensive of reusable SpO2 Sensor, and the economic, health, effectively avoid the cross infection between patients of disposable probe, disposable probe have been so welcome to so many people.

Product Application

Application Area: disposable sensor is widely used in ECG monitor, Oximeter, to measure the patient's pulse oxygen saturation and pulse frequency.
This product is applicable to the surgical or the critically ill patient care. To avoid patients lack of Oxygen,maintain the oxygen levels in the blood, not only reduce the workload of doctor, improve the efficiency of nursing work, but also enable the doctors to understand the patients at any time, when there is a crisis situations it can be handled in time, save the patients life.


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