BCI Adult Silicone SpO2 Sensor
Application: Adult≥40kg Compatible Models: BCI 3401 3304 3303 3302 3301 3300;Space PRO2;Drager 2000.
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Product Name: CSI Adult Silicone SpO2 Sensor
Length: 3m
Lontek P/N: K0103AS-L
OEM P/N:  
Application: Adult≥40kg
Compatible Models: BCI 3401 3304 3303 3302 3301 3300;Space PRO2;Drager 2000.

Product Features
Using the special conductor, output with a outstanding data, high shielding, antistatic and low noise, high bending strength transmission, which can persistently used in a high superior anti-aging performance.
Doesn’t contain latex. Outside can be made of the medical grade PVC, TPR, TPE, TPU, PTFE, silicone.
The connection between the probe is also very important to the test results, the position of the cushion is after calibrated and tested, to ensure that the correct location of the transmitter and accurate detection of the receiver. 

Product Performance
SpO2 Test Range: 70% ~ 100%;
SpO2 Accuracy Test: 90% ~ 100% ± 2%, 70% ~ 89% ± 3%;
Pulse Rate Test Range: 30 ~ 245 BPM;
Pulse Rate Test Accuracy: ± 3 BPM. 

Product Application
Used for pulse oximetry and multi-parameter monitor, continuous and non-invasive acquisition and transfer of patients (> 40 kg weight adults) to reflect pulse and oxygen saturation signal;
Unsuitable for weak perfusion status and movement state monitoring, the probe is unsuitable for long-term monitoring, should be inspected once every 4 hours or change other finger to measure.

Product Contraindications
This product may not to be fixed on the position of patients with tissue damage area;
Don’t apply to the patients and users allergic to the PVC, TPU, TPE, ABS plastic. 

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