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The 75th CMEF Shanghai Successfully hold

The 75th CMEF Shanghai Successfully hold

The 75th CMEF Shanghai Successfully hold
  • September 09, 2020
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My Friend, thanks for your coming to our booth first.

We are so lucky to be certificated to the China high technology Enterprise.

And also we have gained the new ISO 13485 & CE certificate from German MEDCERT company.

It’s your advice and business, which make us to improve and encourage us become stronger and power. 


Dear, to visit our booth as below, are you relax?

Here we need to thanks our customer’s trust, to show his monitor machine with our monitor accessories together. And during this, we learn and help each other a lot, really enjoying for sharing the sock.


However, it’s very busy to deal with the business since there are so many visitor,

thanks you all so much for your patient.



Well, how is feeling when you leave the exhibition?

Every day once the exhibition closed, there are so crowed, we see the metro entrance just in front of us for 20 meter, but people create the road and hundreds long, we only can move step by step like snail.

And, have you enjoy the sight seeing on the Shanghai beach?

It’s so beautiful and the wind can wave out your sorrow, especially at night, romantically~ Hope you all enjoying and harvest a lot!


Finally, Not hesitate to seek me for quotation with agent cost!

Let's work together to settle all business card and keep in touch, see you my friend~

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