Safety Education
Safety Education

In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of various safety accidents and achieve safety production, the company organizes all personnel to receive safety education and training irregularly every year to ensure that all employees can remember the principle of safety production first, thereby creating a safe and healthy working environment.

The latest safety production education and training activity was held in the company conference room, and all employees of the company actively participated. The training course covers multiple aspects such as safety awareness cultivation, emergency plan drills, and production safety standards. Through this training, employees not only deepened their understanding of safety production, but also learned how to correctly respond to various safety risks and crisis events in their work.

During the training, the company's safety supervisor provided a detailed introduction to the company's safety management system and relevant operating procedures, emphasizing the hazards of various safety accidents, and proposing methods and measures to prevent and handle these accidents. In addition, employees also conducted simulation exercises to learn how to quickly and effectively take self rescue and mutual rescue measures in emergency situations, as well as how to correctly use various firefighting equipment and first aid tools.

The leader stated that the company always prioritizes the safety and health of its employees, comprehensively implements safety production management, and effectively guarantees the safety of employees. The company will continue to strengthen safety production education and training, enhance employee safety awareness, continuously improve safety management systems, create a safer and healthier working environment for employees, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

Exhibition exchange

As a professional manufacturer and service provider of medical electronic instrument accessories and consumables, Lontek actively participates in the Medical Expo every year, showcasing the latest developed series of advanced medical electronic instrument accessories and consumables products at the exhibition.

Participating in the Medical Expo provides an important platform for the company, allowing us to showcase its latest research and development products to industry professionals, representatives of medical institutions, and potential customers. By showcasing the performance, quality, and applicability of products, we aim to enhance the company's brand awareness, expand market influence, and lay a solid foundation for product promotion and sales.

Participating in exhibitions helps the company to have in-depth communication and cooperation with professionals from both inside and outside the industry. During the exhibition, company representatives had sufficient communication and exchange with professionals in the medical industry, hospital procurement personnel, and technical personnel to understand market demand, collect customer feedback, grasp industry trends, establish cooperative relationships, and promote product marketing and sales.

Participating in the Medical Expo is an important measure for the company to actively respond to national policies, promote medical technology innovation and industrial development. By showcasing the latest medical electronic instrument accessories and consumables, the company contributes to the technological progress and product updates of the medical industry, injecting new impetus into the industry's development.

The company will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product optimization, contributing more to the development of the medical industry.

Hospital discussion

Shenzhen Lontek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of medical electronic instrument accessories and consumables. In order to better understand the actual needs and usage of hospitals, the company often holds symposiums on medical device accessories and consumables at hospitals.

Recently, the company delegation once again visited a well-known local hospital and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with medical experts and technical personnel from the hospital. At the symposium, the company representative introduced the latest developed medical electronic instrument accessories and consumables to hospital experts, and gained a detailed understanding of the problems and needs encountered by the hospital during use.

Through the symposium, company representatives gained a deeper understanding of the actual needs of hospitals for medical device accessories and consumables, including product performance requirements, user experience, safety, and other aspects. At the same time, hospital experts also provided valuable opinions and suggestions, and conducted comprehensive evaluations and feedback on the company's products.

By holding discussions with hospitals, we can timely understand market demand, continuously improve product quality and performance, and increase customer satisfaction. The company will take the opinions and suggestions put forward by hospital experts seriously, continuously innovate and improve products, provide hospitals with higher quality medical electronic instrument accessories and consumables, and contribute its own strength to the development of the medical industry.


Product Design Training

The company has been committed to enhancing the design and innovation capabilities of its products to enhance their competitiveness and market share. For this reason, the company organizes relevant personnel to participate in product design training every year to continuously improve the professional skills and creativity of the design team.

The recent product design training event was held at the company's R&D center, with designers and engineers from various departments actively participating. The training course covers various aspects such as market trend analysis, user experience design, and innovative thinking methods. Through this training, employees not only deepened their understanding of product design, but also learned how to combine market demand and the latest technological trends to enhance product innovation and practicality.

In the training, the company invites senior product design experts and industry leaders to share and give lectures. They share their experiences and insights in the field of product design, inspiring employees to be creative and inspired by design. At the same time, the company also organizes practical projects for team collaboration, allowing employees to discuss design and develop solutions in practical cases, in order to enhance team collaboration and problem-solving abilities.

The company will continue to strengthen product design training, provide employees with more learning opportunities and resources, and continuously improve the innovation ability and professional level of the design team. The company will actively promote an innovative culture, encourage employees to be brave enough to try and innovate, continuously launch more competitive and market value products, and contribute to the development of the medical electronics industry.

Company benefits
  • External training and further study
    Longtaike provides a large number of external training opportunities for outstanding core employees and internal certified trainers every year, enriching their knowledge structure and comprehensively enhancing their overall capabilities and competitiveness.
  • Senior Lecturer
    Lontec has a strong lineup of certified lecturers, covering senior business managers and directors of all functional departments, and sharing professional knowledge and experience from time to time.
  • Learning Organization
    It has been committed to building a learning organization, integrating online and offline learning modes, carrying out training projects for different positions, and each department carries out more than 100 training courses every year.
Company benefits

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, a time for family reunions, and a great opportunity for gathering. To celebrate this occasion, the company has organized an outdoor team-building event for all employees.

The event is scheduled for the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the venue chosen is the Yangtai Mountain Park near the company. In this beautiful season, employees can fully enjoy the happiness and relaxation brought by the team-building activities in nature.

The activities include team-building exercises, outdoor barbecue, and moon appreciation. During the team-building exercises, everyone will be divided into groups to participate in various team cooperation games to enhance trust and team spirit. During the outdoor barbecue, everyone will prepare ingredients together, light the fire, and enjoy delicious barbecue food. During the moon appreciation, employees can admire the beautiful moon together and pray for the safety and happiness of their families.

Through this Mid-Autumn Festival team-building event, the company hopes to strengthen the cohesion and teamwork awareness among employees, allowing everyone to feel the care and warmth of the company in their leisure time. At the same time, the company also hopes to help employees relax and better focus on their work in a pleasant atmosphere.


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