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Overseas sales
Job responsibilities
  1. Expand business through Alibaba, domestic and foreign exhibitions and customer development platforms provided by the company, and be able to effectively communicate with foreign customers by phone and email, so as to achieve the sales targets set by the team and collect payment.

  2. Update and maintain products on Alibaba platform.

  3. Familiar with B2B rules and procedures of foreign trade, analyze target market, collect industry information, insight into industry development trend, and make sales plans.

  4. Provide professional answers to different customer inquiries. Understand and explore customer needs, guide customers to place orders. Follow up with customers and receive visitors. Deal with customer feedbacks or disputes, help customers solve problems in time.

  5. Develop customer resources by using foreign social networks and search engines such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google in addition to existing resources, and promote products on various platforms and social networks.

  6. Make sales and promotion plans, promote the company's new products, develop emerging markets, dealers, agents and OEM customers.

  7. Complete other tasks assigned by superior.

Job requirements

1. College degree or above, major in international trade and marketing is preferred.

2.More than 2 years related experience in foreign trade business, medical consumables accessories experience is preferred.

3. Cet-6 /TEM-4 or above, good at writing and speaking, familiar with common office software.

4. Strong market development ability and business negotiation ability.

5. Good communication, coordination, execution and team work spirit. Strong sense of responsibility, used to bear pressure!



The company implements humanized management mode, once hired, will provide superior welfare treatment:

1. Social security benefits stipulated by the state and subsidies provided by the company.

2. Employees shall enjoy national statutory holidays and welfare.

3. The company provides competitive compensation, broad career development space and perfect promotion mechanism for talented people. Salary structure Basic salary + high commission + bonus (quarterly, year-end bonus)

4. Once/twice a year for all staff.

5. Hold outdoor collective activities irregularly to enrich spare time life.

6. Organize staff training or external training regularly or irregularly to meet staff's career development requirements.

7. After meeting the requirements, we can attend 2-3 foreign exhibitions every year.

We look forward to working with you to realize our dreams. Here, your intangible assets will get rapid and infinite development!


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Shenzhen Longhua


Ultrasonic puncture frame Engineer
Job responsibilities

Job Description:

Research and development of puncture rack for ultrasonic intervention:

1. Plastic mold CNC processing Pro/ E5.0 CREO4.0 modeling and Solidworks simple model modeling.

2. Proficient in AUTOCAD2013 2d drawing and building product BOM.

3. Prepared DHF and DMR files for project development.

Job requirements

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, at least 5 years working experience in mechanical design or electronics industry.

2. More than 2 years of medical device research and development experience, and successfully led new product development projects.

3. Proficient in using relevant statistical methods to solve and deal with problems in the process of project development.

4. Understand domestic laws and regulations related to medical devices.


Shenzhen Longhua


Operations / SEO
Job responsibilities

1. Establish website SEO standards, analyze and summarize competitors' SEO methods, and develop their own strategies and implementation plans.

2. Track and study the ranking mechanism and optimization rules of search engines, develop comprehensive optimization strategies, and be responsible for THE SEO effect.

3. Through marketing and event planning to obtain the external chain, pay attention to the quality of the external chain, improve the weight of the website.

4. Regularly track, analyze and summarize SEO effects to provide traffic support for the overall operation objectives of the website.

Job requirements


1. At least 1 year working experience in SEO promotion of English website, strong English advertorials writing ability is preferred.

2. Familiar with Google search engine optimization; At least 1-2 years working experience in network marketing, with relevant successful cases.

3. Proficient in website structure layout, page optimization, ranking and promotion.

4. Familiar with external link strategies, have the ability to quickly find high-quality links, and understand other promotion strategies.

5. Strong data analysis ability, regular analysis, evaluation and timely plan adjustment.

6. Can put forward effective SEO strategy according to the characteristics of the industry and its own status quo to put forward effective SEO strategy.

7. English SEO working experience is preferred.

8. Enterprising and fighting spirit, willing to communicate, strong executive ability and sense of responsibility, honesty and integrity.


Shenzhen Longhua


Purchasing Assistant
Job responsibilities

1. Make purchase orders, purchase contracts and operate ERP according to the requirements of purchase plan.

2. Be responsible for tracking the status of purchase orders to ensure the smooth delivery of goods.

3. Responsible for supplier invoice collection, assist supplier account reconciliation and apply for payment.

4. Be responsible for other work arranged by leaders.

Job requirements

1. College degree or above, major in electronic technology, machinery and other related majors.

2. Strong communication skills, proficient in office software.


Shenzhen Longhua



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