Novel 2D ultrasonic transducer array

As a noval 2D ultrasonic transducer array, what are the advantages of CMUT array compared with the original 2D piezoelectric ceramic transducer array? Let's take a look at a paper: Citation 1, Omer Oralkan from Stanford University tested the performance of CMUT by experimentally comparing the CMUT transducer with the piezoelectric ceramic transducer. CMUT is compared with 2D piezoelectric ceramic transducer.



What do you know about the types of ultrasound probes?

1. Classification by diagnostic site: Ophthalmic probe, cardiac probe, abdominal probe, craniocerebral probe, intracavitary probe and child probe. 2. Classification by application: In vitro probe, in vivo probe and puncture biopsy probe. 3. According to the number of vibration elements used by the transducer in the probe: Unit probe and multi-element probe. 4. Classified by beam control mode: Wired scanning probe, phased array probe, mechanical fan scanning probe and square array probe. 5. According to the geometric shape of the probe, there are rectangular probe, various shape probe at the column broken part, arc probe ultrasonic probe (also known as convex), circular probe, etc. In general, it is customary to use the classification according to the diagnosis position, beam control mode and the collective shape of the probe.



Working principle and attention of ultrasonic probe

Ultrasonic diagnostic instrument which generates incident ultrasonic wave (transmitted wave) and receives reflected wave (recovered) through the probe,ultrasound probe is an important part of ultrasonic diagnostic instrument. Current probe can transmit and receive ultrasonic, acoustic signal conversion, can transform by electrical signals from the host for the high frequency oscillation of ultrasonic signals, and can be reflected from the organization organs of ultrasonic signal into electrical signal and display in host monitor, ultrasound probe is made use of this principle. As the main task of the hardware is the probe internal component of the chip, in the state of electricity, it can produce elastic deformation, thus producing ultrasonic. On the contrary, when the ultrasonic wave through the chip, and can cause it to produce elastic deformation, and then cause the voltage change, and finally through the signal processing board to the corresponding electrical signal changes to complete the detection of the object image exploration, this processing process is called piezoelectric effect.



Our company conducted one-day training on ISO 13485 medical device quality management system

The ISO 13485 medical device quality management system certification started again. Therefore, our company specially organized a one-day training on ISO 13485 medical device quality management system. The company's general manager, personnel of the procurement department, personnel of the sales department and the company's internal auditors responsible for ISO 13485 medical device quality system certification participated in the training, The purpose of this training is to let the company's employees understand what ISO 13485 medical device quality management system certification is? What does it apply to? What's the meaning? Why should the company pass the certification of this system. The boss and internal auditors of our company will interpret these problems one by one.



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