What do you know about the types of ultrasound probes?
  • 2020.07.07

I believe we have seen the ultrasonic probe, and I believe we all know the working principle of ultrasonic probe, but the classification of ultrasonic probe, how many do you know?

(1) Ultrasonic probes can be classified from the following different aspects:

1. Classification by diagnostic site: Ophthalmic probe, cardiac probe, abdominal probe, craniocerebral probe, intracavitary probe and child probe.

2. Classification by application: In vitro probe, in vivo probe and puncture biopsy probe.

3. According to the number of vibration elements used by the transducer in the probe: Unit probe and multi-element probe.

4. Classified by beam control mode: Wired scanning probe, phased array probe, mechanical fan scanning probe and square array probe.

5. According to the geometric shape of the probe, there are rectangular probe, various shape probe at the column broken part, arc probe ultrasonic probe (also known as convex), circular probe, etc.

In general, it is customary to use the classification according to the diagnosis position, beam control mode and the collective shape of the probe.

(2) Common ultrasound probe

1. Convex array probe: 3.5MHz

2. Linear array probe : 3.5MHz

3. High frequency linear array: 7.5MHz

4. Cavity probe: 6.5MHz

5. Cardiac probe: 3.2MHz

6. Phased array probe: 3.0MHz

7. 3D probe: 3.5MHz


(3)  Animal probe

1. Micro convex probe: 3.2MHz and 5.0MHz

2. Cavity probe: 6.5MHz

3. Linear array probe: 5.0MHz and 7.5MHz


Application scope of ultrasound probe:

Convex array probe : abdomen, thorax, stomach, kidney, heart, women, etc...

Linear array probe : skin surface, thyroid, chest, blood vessels, etc...

The micro convex probe : abdomen, kidney, small animals, neonatal tissues and organs, etc

How to distinguish whether the probe of B-ultrasound machine belongs to linear array or convex array or micro convex probe

In terms of appearance about ultrasound probe, the mechanical fan sweep is similar to the convex array, both are cylindrical, and the linear array is rectangular. In terms of scanning mode, the mechanical fan scanning is driven by a micromotor to drive the piezoelectric ceramic to move fan-shaped, while the convex array and linear array are electronically scanned, The scanning is realized by triggering the array elements in the piezoelectric ceramic array in turn. Distinguish from the image displayed by the probe, the mechanical fan sweep and drawing array are fan-shaped, small at the top and large at the bottom. A linear array is a plane of equal width. In addition, mechanical noise and micro-seismic sensation exist in the operation of mechanical ultrasonic transducer, while convex array and linear array do not have these phenomena.


The figures from the scan can also be distinguished clearly, as shown in the following figure.


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